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CPG Personalized Marketing

A full funnel AI driven personalized creative and optimizations built for CPG brands 

Programmatic Personalized Creative
AI driven Insights and Automation
Sales driven Increase in ROAS
AI driven creative and audience Optimizations

Why different personalization solution for CPG?

Digital marketing for CPG is different than other industry because most of the CPG buyers transact in the physical retail stores. Current digital marketing ecosystem is optimized for online conversions and not built optimally for offline conversions. Also, the level of consumer understanding needed for CPG personalization is different than the one available for online businesses. 

Personalized Creative 

Personalization can be achieved static as well as dynamic creative. Easily build versions of creatives based on personalization strategy

Consumer Insights

Foundation of personalization is understanding consumer needs. Use AI driven prediction and recommendation for in-campaign decisioning of right creative content

Retailing Behavior

Not just location of the retailer and understanding the proximity but also purchase behavior in terms of overall amount, frequency, and recency allows best level of personalization

Easy Content Production

Generating several versions of creative can be daunting, time taking, and expensive. Easily build several versions with no additional cost and using easy tools to save significant time and effort

AI driven Optimization

No campaign can start with the best preset of consumer understanding. As you understanding what's working, optimize them instantly during the campaign for best ROAS

Viewability and Fraud Prevention

Fraud and bad quality engagement signals can alter the learning quality of AI models. Quickly and continuously eliminate such circumstances

Sales driven Optimizations

CPG brands can connect offline retail sales data back to the creative for best personalized messaging as well as media optimizations to delivery better ROAS.

Performance Increase

Using AI driven consumer persona analysis and engagement behavior, our platform automatically optimizes the delivery of creative based on performance.

Cross-channel & Cross-device

AI helps to understand the channel and device based performance and automated optimizations for best media and creative ROI.

Portfolio Brands / Retailers

CPG brands are always running campaigns across several retailers and so the right data import during the campaign is important for the best ROI

Single Brands / Retailers

When the campaign is for one brand across one or multiple retailer, it's important to setup optimizations rightly so it doesn't get buried under Halo effect of other brands

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